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Our Marine Services & Operations focus on the Port, Shipping and Oil & Gas Industry within the Maritime Industry.

Our pool of experienced marine expert is well equipped with technical knowledge, practical expertise, plus a combined experience that exceeds 300 years, is ready to best serve your needs at any time.

They are committed to provide and maintain high quality of services complying with International Standards.

CME Services & Operations division offers:

  1. Mooring Masters/POAC Service for the Ship to Ship Transfer Operations (STS)
  2. Marine Pilotage Service for Port/Terminal Operations
  3. Marine Pilotage and Loading Master Service for the Offshore Operations i.e. FSO/ FPSO
  4. Marine Controllers for the Offshore Construction and Drilling Activities
  5. Cargo Loading and Unloading Supervision
  6. Port and Terminal Management & Operations
  7. Marine Inspection, Survey and Audits
  8. Offshore Marine and Logistics Operations