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CME has established and reinforced our Marine Consultancy Division that focuses on Ports, Shipping and the Oil & Gas Sector. Our Marine Consultancy services facilitates your operations towards ensuring that they are being carried out in a professional, safe and most cost-effective manner. CME is a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) appointed by the Government of Malaysia to undertake task related to International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

Additionally, CME is also an acknowledged expert in the planning, organisation and conduct of seminars and conferences, especially on issues pertaining to the port, shipping, oil & gas and other maritime-related topics. Feel free to contact CME for any services related to marine consultancy as follows:

  1. Marine Advisors/Consultants for the Port, Terminal and Offshore Operations
  2. Port and Terminal Development Study
  3. Port Marine Simulation and Risk Assessment Study
  4. Port Emergency Response Plan Development
  5. Port and Shipping Security Plan Development & Training (ISPS Code)
  6. Ship to Ship (STS) Location Selection & Mooring Risk Analysis Study