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CME Resources Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2001 to provide management and soft skill training programs that contribute to the effectiveness of human resources in an organisation. The success of any organisation depends heavily on the talents, creativity and dedication of its staff and our courses focus on giving the knowledge and skill for them to unleash their hidden talents.  Courses such as personality and attitude development, communication skill, customer relation management, entrepreneurship, English for business and internet marketing are offered to assist the development of individuals and increase their performance and opportunities within or outside the organisation.

CME Resources conducts research and consultancy in digital literacy, business, marketing, social and economic impacts. Our experts and  experienced consultants working in collaborations with universities and professional bodies to ensure that our research and consultancy reports and strategic solutions meeting the high demand of various stakeholders.

CME Resources provides event management services in organising Conference, Seminar, Workshop and Training Programs for clients with specific needs and expectations. Our experience in organising International and National Conference and Seminar will be fully utilised to ensure your event achieved the desired goal, success and of high perceptions.

By working with CME Resources you are tapping the expertise and resources of CME Group of Companies and associates. We are your strategic partner with the most cost effective solutions to your business and operations needs.

CME Marine Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Centre of Maritime Excellence Sdn Bhd(CME) that focus on providing specialized services in the areas of Marine Pilotage, Ship to Ship Transfer Operations ( STS ) and Port and Terminal Management & Operations. In the Offshore Marine Operations we provide marine controllers, mooring masters and marine advisers that will ensures that all your marine activities are being carried out in safe and cost effective manners. The operations include mooring masters carrying out pilotage and loading & unloading supervisions at FPSOs/FSOs as well as marine controllers supervising marine spreads and activities in offshore constructions and drilling activities.

CME Marine also provides pilotage services for vessels transiting the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. Our team of qualified, professional and very experienced Malaysian pilots recognized by the Malaysian Maritime Authority will ensure the safe passage of your vessels in one of the world busiest straits. Our pilots are well-trained and well-versed with the terrain and are capable in providing an efficient and safe pilotage services to guide vessels ranging from small barges to VLCCs from various locations. Safety and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

CME Marine pilots, marine controllers, mooring masters and consultants have vast experience in port, terminal, offshore and marine operations and have served various oil majors including PETRONAS, Shell and shipping industry in general. They are licensed pilots from Malaysian Maritime Authorities including Malaysian Marine Department. Our Mooring Masters are accredited by Marine Department, PETRONAS and Fender Care.